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The above Licensee Company, for itself and its owners, partners, employees, representatives, successors and assigns, past, current and future (collectively, the "Licensee"), represents and agrees for the benefit of Final Touch Balloons & Event Décor, WynnLin Marketing Materials, Wynn Bell, Lindy Bell, Media Memories, Jonathan Wray and Darra Wray (collectively the "Copyright Owners") that:

1. The video that Licensee has licensed from the Copyright Owners, entitled "Wedding Décor - A Video Idea Book" (the "Video"), together with all images included in the Video, will remain the copyrighted property of the Copyright Owners.

2. Licensee has licensed from the Copyright Owners the limited right to use the Video as an "Idea Book", and that the Video is to be used for the sole purpose of promoting balloon decorating and may be used only by and for the company listed on this Agreement.

3. Licensee will not copy, sell, or give away any portion of this Video or use the Video for any purpose other than that which is contained in this Agreement.

4. Licensee will not in any way represent to any person, company or entity that any of the ideas, designs or items shown in the Video were created by Licensee, and if asked who designed and/or created the work, will always give Wynn and Lindy Bell (Final Touch Balloons & Event Décor) proper credit.

5. Licensee shall indemnify and hold harmless Copyright Owners and any of their employees, representatives, affiliates, distributors, successors and assigns, from any claim or loss arising from the use of the Video, and/or for any claim or loss arising from any work sold and/or created by Licensee as a result of the use of the Video.

6. Licensee will not use this video for any purpose if Licensee's business location or servicing area is within, or becomes within, 150 miles of Portland, Oregon or Meridian, Idaho.

Date Signed:_____________________ , 200___

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